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“Participation in NLC gives us the opportunity to contribute to healthcare innovation and to learn from NLC’s entrepreneurship. It is so much more than just creating fiscal ‘substance’.”

Medical knowledge and expertise is essential to be able to stimulate innovation within the healthcare sector. NLC invests in a strong network, currently consisting of >500 medical specialists across a wide range of disciplines. This enables us to build healthtech companies that are truly innovative and of value to the medical sector and its patients. To achieve this, NLC seeks active collaborations with key opinion leaders within academia (University Hospitals) as well as representatives of Medical Specialist Cooperations.

These medical specialists advise us during the various stages of our incubation process:

Scouting: Our medical specialists often come across interesting opportunities and novel ideas in their daily practice, and can immediately understand the value of these opportunities or ideas in light of patients’ demands.

Validation: Our medical key opinion leaders play an important role in assessing whether or not a solution or service adds significant value to the healthcare system in terms of therapeutic benefits for specific patients and therapeutic groups; how valuable inventions can be integrated within the chain of care; and which hurdles need to be overcome.

Building: Their medical knowledge and valuable input for our new ventures does not end when our validation process finishes, in contrary our medical specialists are offered the opportunity to remain actively involved by becoming a member of a venture’s supervisory board. In this role they have a significant contribution to the success of our ventures by means of their knowledge and network.. In addition, the organisations in which our medical specialists work might also provide for launching platforms or clinical testing and further research.

Medical specialists are at the heart of healthcare, NLC brings innovative ideas to the market. Together, we can bring healthcare to the next level.

Interested? If you or your medical specialist cooperation would like to join us, please contact Johanneke Maenhout, Business Development Manager.

Johanneke Maenhout
+31 6 413 143 40