Being a Healthtech Entrepreneur:

Gives you a goal with important social impact as well as the agency to maximize the impact

Offers dynamic work and contact with many different stakeholders, from patients to physicians, from insurers to investors.

Makes you a strong leader having to make decisions in a complex environment.

Promises high financial returns.

Is an exciting change to the corporate environment allowing you to decide for yourself and get creative in building your own company.

Being a Healthtech Entrepreneur at NLC:

Gives you access to the most innovative healthtech inventions that have been pre-selected based on their high potential.

Enables a flying start with a validated business model, investor pitch and financial roadmap.

Provides you with a valuable network and access to key players in the industry.

Offers you a safety net of support and additional capacity.

Increases your chance of success.


Stops you from reinventing the wheel.