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Our mission is to keep healthcare affordable and readily available for each and everyone of us. We therefore employ our expertise in entrepreneurship and innovation to help inventors develop innovative healthcare technologies. Our focus lies on medical imaging, robotica, medical devices and diagnostics. By co-founding inventions within these areas, we work towards a brighter future with personalized and affordable healthcare for every individual.



We provide hands-on execution power and work closely together with the inventor to transform healthtech inventions into successful businesses. We strongly believe in the alignment of interest between NLC and the inventor. This is why we work for equity shares, we provide our expertise and manpower and in return become a shareholder of the venture, which we establish together with the inventor.



Innovation speed is failing to keep up with the growing demand for healthcare by our society. The main reason for this problem is the gap between inventors, innovators and funding. NLC closes this gap by bringing in a business team, designing a sustainable business model and securing sufficient financing. This is how we build the most promising healthtech inventions and transform these into viable products and services.



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We work towards a brighter future with personalised and affordable healthcare for every individual. Want to help?

Our work

At NLC we envision a future with affordable and readily available healthcare for each and everyone of us. Inventors come to us for our knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship and innovation in the healthcare industry. We then work closely together to transform the most promising health tech inventions into valuable products and services.

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Our people

Our people all share the intrinsic drive to bring healthcare to the next level. We dare to dream big and to act upon our dreams. All our young professionals enter our organization at the business development level. The salary for the first six months is at the internship level, but our program is full of learning. We help you to develop your strengths and discover your interests. Our learning program is a springboard to your future career and if we are both impressed at the end of this period there is a good possibility to join NLC or one of the ventures.

Meet the different professionals within the NLC team. Reading the stories might help you to learn why they joined NLC and what inspires them, and might even interest you for a career at NLC.

Young Professionals
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What is NLC?
NLC is a co-founder in the healthcare industry, dedicated to the development of high-tech healthcare innovations. Inventors of breakthrough medical technologies often have difficulties to transform their laboratory solutions into economically viable healthcare products. We collaborate with those inventors to develop innovative health-technologies that lead to reduced healthcare costs and improved quality of life. Our primary goal is to keep healthcare affordable and available to everyone.
Is NLC an accelerator/incubator?
Despite the great similarities in working methods (e.g. lean startup methodology), accelerators differ from NLC in several ways. The main differentiator between accelerators and NLC is that the first mentioned always take the team as a starting point, whereas we consider the invention as a start and build the team together with the inventor. Another major difference is that accelerators take on a very broad perspective. This means most of the existing accelerators in The Netherlands do not focuses on healthtech exclusively.
Who are the investors in NLC?
The founding partners have invested their personal time and money in NLC. These proceeds have been used to finance NLC and its first three ventures. In June and July 2015 we ran a crowdfunding campaign to secure enough funding to start 6 new ventures and to grow as an organization.




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Amsterdam Health Technology Centre
Paasheuvelweg 25, Wing 5D
1105 BP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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Visitors may park at Switchpark(A) located at Paalbergweg 13. Follow the route to NLC (B), we are located on the 5th floor.
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